About Us

The Company

Osomgift.com's parent company Alittera Ltd Inc was founded in 1999 and since has acquired millions of happy customers worldwide.

But that’s the boring stuff you probably do not really care about, do you?

Keep reading to learn about the story behind Osom Gift!

The Story

Once upon a time the team of Alittera was discussing gift cards and marketplace for them.

While checking out the competitors, we couldn’t understand, why customers, buying a gift card, are not provided with any discounts.

Moreover, why customers are to be slapped with additional surcharges?

We thought – that’s not fair!

So, we came up with an idea of the marketplace, where customers pay exactly for what they buy and on top of that receive a discount!

Osom, right?!

How It Works?


Just select the business, one of the beautiful card designs, value of a gift card, delivery method and delivery date. Don’t forget to add the recipient too!

You can always customize the card with your own text, for a personal touch.

The gift card can be sent via email, text, or alternatively - printed at home.

The recipient can redeem the card at the business, specified on the gift card and is eligible for the discount.

It’s easy, convenient and fair!

Isn’t it OSOM too?!