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From the mouthwatering ulum to heavenly  yong tau foo - treat yourself to Malaysian cuisine and go on exciting journey of unforgettable tastes today!

Malaysian Cuisine

A popular dish based on rice in Malaysia is nasi lemak, rice steamed with coconut milk and pandan leaves to give it a rich fragrance. Of Malay origin, nasi lemak is frequently referred to as the national dish. It is customarily served with ikan bilis, peanuts, sliced cucumber, hard boiled eggs and sambal. Although it is often considered a breakfast dish, because of the versatility of nasi lemak in being able to be served in a variety of ways, it is commonly eaten at any time of the day. For a more substantial meal, nasi lemak may be served with fried chicken, curries, or a spicy meat stew called rendang.

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Malaysian  Cuisine

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Malaysian Restaurants Gift Card by Osomgift is an electronic gift certificate, that enables the recipient to receive services or goods from the restaurant, indicated on the gift certificate and ensures the recipient is provided with a discount coupon. Go to FAQ

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